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Michelle Zauner  - Grammy Awards

Shahem McLaurin - Creaive Collection NYC

Grimes. - Vogue+ China

Ingrid Andress - LNWSC

Julia Fox - New York Post Alexa Magazine, May 2024

Shahem McLaurin - Creative Collection NYC

Travis Scott - FEIN Music Video

Style Hunter Milano - NYC Pop-Up Show, April-May, 2024

Milano Jewelry Week, Exhibitor, Artistar Jewels Exhibition. October 2023

Ingrid Andress - The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, January 2023

Scarab Club - Gold Medal Awards Exhibition, December 2022

Hour Detroit Magazine - November 2022

Grimes - Vogue+China July 2022 digital and August 2022 print.

Schon Magazine - August 2022

numero Berlin Magazine June 2022

Vogue+China Pictorial June 2022

Gigi Hadid - Netflix Next In Fashion, Season 2

Michelle Zauner (Japanese Breakfast) - Grammy Awards April 2022, 

   The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live, and,

   Time Magazine 100 Gala.

Metalsmith Guild of San Francisco - Artist of the Month, June 2020


Style Hunter Milano
Refinery Hotel

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