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  • Even with the best care, small parts of jewelry may come loose.
  • Before wearing, carefully check such parts as the prongs that support the jewels, the clasps of necklaces, the screws of earrings, and brooch pins.
  • Never use an ultrasonic cleaner with pearl jewelry as it can damage the pearls
  • Pearls scratch by contact with sharp objects or other gemstones. To prevent tangles and scratches, fasten clasps and pins.
  • Store each piece separately in a compartmentalized jewelry box, and transport them in a soft jewelry bag.
  • Leaving pearl jewelry in a security box for extended periods may cause pearls to dehydrate, so enjoy them frequently.
  • Use Hagerty© Pearl Clean to rehydrate and clean your pearls
  • In the case of pearl rings, please be aware that these are only to be worn for dress and not intended for everyday wear. Never wear a pearl ring while washing dishes or bathing. Pearls absorb water and expand, breaking the epoxy and the mounting post bond.
  •  Please note that the pearl's nacre may be diminished if worn every day. Should this occur, take it to a repair specialist.
  • Bring back the sparkle of your gemstones with a cleaner like Sparkle Safe by Gemoro
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